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It’s a time-honored way of carrying on traditions and sharing cultures. We all remember our childhood, when telling stories with our families created the richest of memories that we carry throughout our lives. Even today, stories remain the hallmark of childhood. Such books have a special place in travel and hotels too, where parents can give their children destination-specific tales that allow kids to fantasize and discover a place, and then create & share extraordinary moments as a family.
The hotel industry has long been a host for great stories, and likewise, hoteliers are ensuring that the experiences of their youngest clientele are also pampered and fulfilling. With this consideration for all guests, THE LUXURY HOTEL CURATOR has created a collection of short stories that can be personalized just for your hotel or your brand. These tales will stimulate curiosity and imagination, and will plant the seed of lifelong loyalty.
Using its global network, THE LUXURY HOTEL CURATOR has partnered with an internationally-recognized author, whose novels are paired with 40+ years of educational experience with her latest screenplay under development. Her stories are dynamic and open-minded, earning her the title of ‘super-storyteller’ with her own grandchildren.
Together we offer you a unique service creating tailor-made stories to be given upon arrival or at any moment of a stay. Help your younger guests dream and create long lasting memories, centered around your special destination.
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In a world where ephemeral pleasures become more common, we want to bring to your Hotel our Pop-Up Editions to create long-lasting memories to your guests and local community in a unique and multi-sensory environment.THE LUXURY HOTEL CURATOR has partnered with one of the Leading Fashion & Entertainment international Insider and together we have curated a series of pop-up editions that can last from 1 week, 1 month to 3 months.With every Pop-Up Edition, we will create a unique experience in a key area of your hotel.
We will bring you an exclusive selection of international, established and emerging designers with whom we will work on tailored platform concepts and will curate specific signature programs for your hotel.By focusing our expertise on high hand differentiation and creativity we will generate interest and advocacy among the targeted clients, medias and social network influencers.

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